Make Cool Stuff with Doodle! Jump into a world full of colors and fun with Doodle, the thing that changes how we make and think! Unleash your creativity with Doodle – the drawing app where every line tells a story!

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Art, Ideas, Fun, and Words!

Discover the joy of Doodle as a versatile tool for expressing thoughts, creating visuals, playing, organizing ideas, and adding beautiful text. With Doodle, embrace the delight of illustrations, brainstorming sessions, games, flowchart creation, and lettering practice.


Draw Cool Stuff on a Screen! - Learn how to make fun pictures on a touchable screen. Pick colors and shapes and move them with your finger. Create funny faces, animals, or anything your mind can imagine! It's like drawing with color sticks, but on a screen. Perfect for art lovers who want to create without the mess!



Think and Draw on a Screen! - Learn to use a screen to think up new ideas and bring them to life through drawing. Use your finger to make lines, shapes, and colors that represent your thoughts. It's like your ideas are coming alive on the screen! Great for generating fresh ideas and visualizing them without the need for paper or color sticks.



Play and Draw on a Screen! - Discover games where you can draw and create on a screen. Use your finger to make lines, shapes, and colors. Play with friends, even if they're far away, or enjoy solo play. Create funny objects, guess what others are drawing, or design your own games. Your finger and thoughts will transform the screen into a fun playground!



Make Lines and Boxes Talk on a Screen! - Learn how to create interactive flowcharts on a screen. Use your finger to draw lines and boxes, and witness your thoughts come to life. It's like making a thinking map! Ideal for planning, problem-solving, or simply playing with ideas. It's fascinating to see how things connect and move on the screen!



Doodle is the perfect tool for educators looking for a universally accessible app. It doesn't collect any student information, allowing you to focus on education.


Incredible Features

Unlock your creative potential with Doodle's remarkable features. Create without distractions and effortlessly express your ideas. Use various tools, record your process, and explore limitless possibilities through intuitive gestures and reliable support.

Ad Free

Create with uninterrupted focus and an enhanced user experience.

Apple Pencil

Effortlessly doodle using the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon.


Supports over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

Hand Drawing

Quickly doodle using your finger.


Erase rapidly and refresh the canvas, unlocking infinite creative possibilities in an instant.

Tool Picker

Choose from a variety of tools, including pens, markers, brushes, and more.


Share your doodles with friends and family.


No analytics, no social media, no gambling, no tracking, no app storage, just drawing.

Show and Tell

Record your screen and voice to create a narrated drawing.


Native operating system light and dark mode support.


Effortlessly control the user interface using intuitive gestures.


Access helpful assistance within the app.


Apple iPhone and iPad.
Unleash your imagination on iOS and iPadOS, where your fingertips bring art to life on the most intuitive digital canvas.
Apple Vision.
Immerse yourself in boundless creativity brought to life through your Vision Pro headset - where art meets the future of spatial computing.
Visoin screenshot

Unleash your creativity.
Every line tells a story!

Embark on a boundless realm of creation with Doodle! Unleash your imagination and effortlessly bring your ideas to life, crafting colorful masterpieces that express your unique vision.

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